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  • FEINSearch.com offers 5 Free MASKED EIN Searches during Free Trial to try out and give feel of how our search system works; we do not display full EIN during free trial access for security reasons. Qualified high volume Business and Corporate users may request FULL EIN complete trial access by calling 800.299.8280
  • We have a comprehensive and ever growing database of over 14 million EINS, however we do not have every tax id in the nation. We estimate there are approximately 25 to 30 million businesses in the nation. Individuals and sole proprietors are not required to have an EIN and can use their Social Security number for their business tax identification purposes, therefore we would not have records for these types of small businesses.
  • We offer search access to our Databases (Masked EIN, Tax Liens, Non Profits, and Business Bankruptcies); each Search counts as a search & results are not guaranteed, however our experienced members enjoy a higher hit rate. Please read search tips for more information on effective searching on our system.